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We design, manufacture and implement the BUTLER mechanical pipe joint system which is utilized for extreme high speed pipeline construction. We manufacture the unique BUTLER pipe calibration system for equalizing the internal diameters of line pipes to improve the quality and functionality of constructed pipeline.

Our equipment provides outstanding advantages for joining internally coated line pipe which may be easily damaged when traditional pipeline construction methods are utilized. The BUTLER mechanical pipe joint systems and pipe calibration equipment have been successfully utilized in a wide variety of pipeline applications and environmental conditions including applications incorporating both coated and non coated pipe.

The BUTLER system is applied in the construction of pipelines utilized in the transportation of oil, natural gas, water and other specialized gasses and fluids. These pipelines have been constructed in all types of climatic conditions including conditions of extreme heat and cold. Pipe diameters supported are 2 through 12 inch nominal outside diameter (57 mm through 325 mm).

Thousands of miles of mechanical joint pipelines have been constructed for a wide variety of applications. The BUTLER mechanical pipe joint system has been successfully applied by a variety of companies in the construction of many types of pipelines both in the United States and around the world. The BUTLER mechanical pipe joint system is heavily utilized in pipeline construction in the Russian Federation.

The scope of our business, experience and capability is not limited to our flagship mechanical pipe joint and pipe calibration systems. Additional BUTLER products include custom heavy duty hydraulic equipment for a wide variety of applications, hydraulic power supplies, pipe end forming equipment, pipe cutters and customized hydraulic cylinders. BUTLER and its' affiliated companies design, manufacture and market pipe coating facilities and related equipment and components and represent a premium pipe coating product in certain international markets.


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