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The BUTLER mechanical pipe joint system utilizes an equipment set of three machines with auxiliary diesel or electric power units. Pipe end preparation machines are used to prepare the pipe ends prior to field assembly. The BUTLER assembly press machine (shown above) is utilized to assemble the prepared pipes. During field construction the assembly machine is suspended on a side-boom and advances down the pipeline right-of-way. Alternative assembly methods including in plant installations are available to meet varying customer requirements. The speed of pipeline construction is many times faster and more reliable than welding. The BUTLER mechanical joint assembly system represents a unique and time tested methods for joining prepared pipe ends under conditions of mechanical interference fit.

Prior to joining BUTLER epoxy is placed on the taper zone on the outside of the tapered pipe end and inside the bell. The epoxy acts as a lubricant during the joining process and provides a secondary seal to prevent any possibility of leakage. The non toxic epoxy is manually applied on the bell and taper in accordance with simple instructions. BUTLER has developed and utilizes extreme cold weather epoxies designed specifically for and proven reliable in frigid Arctic type conditions. Epoxy plays no factor in joint strength. Epoxy is used exclusively for the purposes of providing a 100% corrosive resistant joint seal.

The family of BUTLER mechanical pipe joint assembly systems consists of 6 models to support the construction of pipelines with outside diameters in the range of 2 through 12 inch nominal pipe (57 mm through 325 mm). Each of the larger machinery systems is capable, with the required tooling, of joining the pipe sizes specified for the smaller machines. BUTLER mechanical joint assembly systems can also be equipped to perform pipe end preparation in situations where regular end preparation equipment is not available. Installation of mechanical pipe joint couplings can also be routinely accomplished with BUTLER equipment.


BUTLER manufactures the unique and highly successful pipe calibration system for equalizing the internal diameters of line pipe to improve the quality of pipeline construction and to improve the performance and functionality of the operating pipeline. Whether the pipe is manufactured to API, GOST or other international standards, the possible deviations of inside diameters within the tolerances are large, rendering the pipe less than satisfactory for proper joining, particularly when joined by contact welding or other automated welding techniques or where abrasive and corrosive elements are present in transported products. Proper alignment minimizes turbulence and corrosion and deterioration of the pipe coating in the critical area surrounding a welded pipe joint.

Each BUTLER calibration machine is powered by a compact electric power unit. All BUTLER calibration equipment may be easily tooled to perform mechanical joint pipe end preparation in addition to calibration. Quick change tooling designs prevent the loss of work time when tool changes are necessary.

BUTLER manufactures 6 standard calibration machine models for calibrating the internal diameter of pipes, in the outside diameter range of 2 through 12 inch (57 mm through 325 mm) for depths up to 600 mm. The speed of calibration is a few seconds per pipe end. The machinery may be configured for operation in any industrial facility or field location. Each of the larger machine models is capable of calibrating the pipe sizes specified for the smaller pipe calibrators.


The BUTLER mechanical joint systems and the related BUTLER equipment have been designed and tested to achieve full compliance with the pipeline safety regulations of the U.S. Department of Transportation, Pipeline Safety Regulations, 49 CFR, Subpart F, paragraphs 192 and 195. The BUTLER mechanical pipe joint has 100% pressure and load capability under ANSI/ASME Piping Codes B31.3, B31.4, B31.8, and under CAN/CSA-Z183 AND Z184.

The BUTLER mechanical pipe joint and pipe calibration systems are certified for use by GOSGORTECHNADZOR (Safety and Technical Supervision Committee) of the Russian Federation (License 10-25/618). VNIIGAS (All Russian Research Institute on Natural Gases) completed a program of testing on the BUTLER mechanical pipe joint system to determine the reliability of the system for application in the Russian Federation gas industry. Following comprehensive testing, the BUTLER technology was approved for the construction of natural gas pipelines in the Russian Federation. Based on this comprehensive testing program and the experience of the Russian Oil and Gas Industry utilizing the BUTLER technology, the leading pipeline construction research organization in the Russian Federation, "Rosneftegasstroy" of Russia, formally recommended utilization of the BUTLER mechanical pipe joint system for the construction of pipelines in the Russian Oil and Gas Industry.


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